If any contractor offering the lowest bid for roofing or other tasks then it’s natural that you will definitely select that roofing contractor. Each and every house owner will definitely try to save penny or two when it comes to unexpected expenses such as roof repairs. When it comes to a common contractor vs. roofer then it’s depends on the kind of contractor with whom you are engage.

Hiring a roofer

The term describes anyone who works on roofs. As such, this individual might be:

  • A general contractor
  • A roofing contractor with a license
  • someone in work by a roofing firm
  • An uncertified roofer

If the job is regarding roof repair then you should clarify before the work starts.

License: Most states require people to engage licensed roofers. The codes differ from one state to another, hence the need for homeowners to check the code requirements for their area.

Residence: Local roofers are more conversant with the local rules and regulations. What’s more, the contractors know the local dealer and crews thus can always haggle for lower prices.

Hiring a general contractor

A common contractor takes on different personas. He not only undertakes roofing projects but building, plumbing, remodeling and other such residential projects. In a case where a homeowner has engaged a general contractor for a roofing job, he subcontracts the task to a roofing firm or other licensed roofer. The general contractor negotiates the price on behalf of the client, organizes and supervises the entire roofing process.